The Advantages Of Wearing Contact Lens


Last week I finally decided to make the transition from glasses to contacts. Although there are very few down sides I thought I’d share some advantages of wearing contacts as opposed to glasses. Also if you haven’t already check out the The Advantages Of Being Bald.


The contacts I wear allow me to see dimensional rifts in physical space and interact with them. Since all dimensional rifts connect to another place on earth I can effectively use them to  teleport as I please. I can do this with my contacts on however since these portals are invisible to the naked eye. The really tricky part is figuring out where in the world to go.


Suppression Of Mutant Super Powers 

Just like the mutant Cyclops from X-Men I was born with the ability to shoot powerful energy blast directly from my eyes. As you can imagine living a normal is pretty difficult when you have these powers. With use of special made contacts I can go about my day with out unintentionally destroying everything in my sight. The contacts also give my iris a cool tinted red look.


Psychic Abilities 

One of the best parts of wearing contacts is taping into the latent supernatural abilities stored within the human eyes. While wearing contacts I can actually see into the future and predict events before they even occur. Another upside is that my vision improves so much that I can actually see what people are thinking. The experience is extremely similar to reading thought bubbles in a comic book!


So what do you guys think? Are there any advantages I missed? Don’t be afraid to leave a comment, I would love any feedback!


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