The Advantages to Owning a Smartphone


It’s true, most people have smartphones, but have you ever stopped and truly thought about how amazing the little device you’re carrying around actually is? Well, the other day I took the time to list just a few of the advantages to being a smartphone owner.


Hack everything!

Hollywood is notorious for portraying inaccurate depictions of real life, but the one thing they definitely got right is hacking. With your Apple or Android smartphone, hacking into secure locations is incredibly simple! Want to hack into a foreign government’s private database and access classified files? Done. How about hacking into The Weather Channel to cool down the temperature outside? Simple. Or maybe you hack into your car to get extra gas milage? Easy peasy.


Gazillions of Apps

Everyone has heard of the phrase “There’s an app for that”, but nowadays it’s actually true! Google Play and The App Store are loaded with hundreds of handy apps for anything you could possibly imagine. Some popular apps include: iNeedMoney, iHungry, iGotSomeonePregnant and iRadio.


Before iPhones, people had no idea what they looked like. The solution? Selfies! Now you can take hundreds of photos of yourself so you never forget what your own face looks like! It’s not narcissism, it’s technology!

20140611_092411 20140611_092420 20140611_092431 20140611_092439

Best Friend

Most smartphones have Siri or some other voice control feature. This is great because now you own a best friend who is smart and will always be honest with you! Ask Siri anything! Here’s an example:

iPhone owner: Siri, do these jeans make my butt look big?

Siri: Yes. Would you like directions to the nearest fitness center?

So what do you guys think? Are there any advantages I missed? Leave a comment. I would love any feedback!


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