The Bake Sale


The day started off like any other day; the sun was shining on campus with a comfortable sixty-five degrees. From the seventh floor lounge of Elwell Hall, I quietly watched students making their way to class. I planned to stay a while longer, but my stomach had other plans. Reaching in my pocket I wiped out my Samsung Galaxy and dialed Cole.

The phone rang a few seconds before Cole answered. “Hello?”

“Yo! Did you eat already? I’m so fucking hungry right now”

“Nah not yet. Wanna go to the Commons soon?”

“Sounds good, I’ll meet you in the study lounge.”

A few minutes later Cole and I made our way into the elevator. We were on our way out of the main lobby when Cole abruptly stopped. His faced looked absolutely mortified.

“Pat we can’t go this way man” he warned. His voice sounded shrill.

I dismissed his warning as a joke and continued on without him. It only took a few more steps to see what had him so afraid. My heart violently pounded in my chest while I desperately searched for an escape route. With none in sight, I began to panic and quickly made a U-turn, but it was already too late…

In this exact moment a pretty brown haired girl in her early twenties noticed me and uttered the dreaded words: “Hi! Would you like to buy some cookies?”

I really hate bake sales.


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