Using Life’s Source Material

I believe that everyone is a storyteller whether they know it or not. Now, I don’t just mean writers, artists, and people who express themselves creatively. I quite literally mean everyone. When we verbally communicate, we tell stories about events and things we experienced. What’s interesting is everybody’s life experience is different and that affects the way we tell our stories, the words we choose, and the way we describe things.

As an aspiring writer, this is important to understand because we are always in need of good source material. No matter what type of writing you pursue, good material is invaluable. Since I’m also a frequent blogger, I came to realize that my best ideas came from life experience. The stories of my friends, family, coworkers, and even strangers have given me great inspiration. So my advice for all you aspiring writers/bloggers/storytellers is to use the material that life has given us.


2 thoughts on “Using Life’s Source Material

  1. Very accurate post. When you look at the great literary writers of the 20th century, like Faulkner, Joyce, or Hemingway, all of their material was partially, if not fully ripped from their own lives. It’s easier to have a compelling perspective on something you’re familiar with, rather than something that you’re not.

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