Midnight Madness

Beams of moonlight infiltrate the room through broad slivers in the tattered silk curtains. Lying on my back, I allow my mind to plague me once again with the same old troubles. Regret didn’t even have the courtesy to wait until my bedtime before inviting itself upon me. This shitty twin size brick I called a bed didn’t help with the sleep much either. For the past half hour I watched the motionless ceiling in the dark, trying to calm these maddening thoughts. Where did it all go wrong? Was it my fault? Life is full of irony: The more you struggle to stay afloat, the faster you drown. I turn my head, stealing a peek at the alarm clock; It’s only 10:30. Maybe it’s about time to give up on sleeping for tonight.

“Goddamnit” I whisper to myself as I maneuver off the bed. The ceramic floor is cold and hard underneath my feet as I approach the window. Through the glass, I see the moon glimmering like a beautiful white pearl amongst the blackness of the night. I still need to put my mind at rest before I go insane. *buzz* *buzz* my phone gently rattles around in my pocket.


A woman’s voice answers. “Frank is that you?”

“The one and only. Who is this and what do you want?” I answer.

“How could you forget me Frank?”

The voice sounds familiar but I can’t remember exactly who it is. She continues,

“All I want is to talk. Meet me at First and Grom street diner.”

A strange call from a from familiar woman this late a night? I can’t even remember the last time I spoke to a woman. All the signs spelled trouble, but I was more curious than cautious.

“Sounds fine. I’ll be there in ten.”

As I prepared to leave, I couldn’t help but be bothered by the woman’s voice. Surely it was my mind playing tricks on me, but I felt like I knew her somehow. Equipped with a black leather jacket, severely wrinkled khakis and my phone in hand, I set out to meet my mystery caller.


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