Alone in my just moved into dorm, I lazily sat staring blankly at my computer. It was just another unexciting day. Bored, I moved from my computer to the bedroom window. The sun had already sunk beneath the horizon, but it was still fairly light outside. Purple and blue hues scattered the campus’ landscape. Very few students were on campus, so the rowdy bustle of people was replaced with a reflective silence. I relished in this moment until something interesting caught my eye: A young man, most likely a freshman, frantically speedwalking came to a stop.

Why the hurry? I moved close to the window to observe.

I watched as he quickly whipped out his phone. “ Hey is my brother there, I really need some advice” He spoke quickly as if the words could not be spoken fast enough. “Yeah I just met the most amazing girl and I really want to ask her ou-”

Ugh. My interest immediately turned into annoyance, with a tinge of sympathy. That girl was going to crush him; There wasn’t a doubt in my mind. I can remember all too well being in his position many times before. I desperately wanted to warn him before it got to that point. I was actually a bit upset now and I realized there’s nothing I can do for him.

I silently wished him luck turning away from the window and returning to my desk. Stupid kid, only fools fall in love.



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