The Advantages To Owning a 4K Television


In our age of technology it becomes hard to follow the trends of what the latest and greatest tech is nowadays. Apple began by releasing new iPhones just about every week and now the trend is hitting TVs! If you’re considering buying a fancy new 4k TV here are some advantages to consider:

1) Restore Eyesight!


A six month research project conducted by the National Institute for Television Stuff (NITS) reveals that watching a 4K Ultra HD television can actually restore a person’s eyesight. Scientist found that the “insanely amazing” picture quality was so good that even a blind person could watch a 4k television.

2) Crystal Ball


Another big advantage of owning a 4k TV is the crystal ball feature. In order to supply all of the pixels necessary for the 4K screens, manufacturers have had to borrow pixels from the future. A great side-effect of this design choice is the television’s ability to view events in future timelines. The feature really comes in handy when needing to make life changing decisions.

3) Shatter Reality


The stunning resolution on 4k TVs have been known to shatter reality… literally! This might be because quality that good should not exist!


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