The Disappointment


Sometimes life is filled with disappointments. This is the story of my biggest disappoint in the semester so far.

It was 10:54 am on a normal Monday and I was sitting in the back of the room in my financial accounting class. I don’t know why but for some reason the few minutes before a class begins feel like the longest. I stared at my silver wristwatch as the seconds ticked away in slow motion. Ugggghhhhhh, I just want class to start already.

After what felt like an hour the time finally reached 10:57 am. A quick look around the room revealed that I was the only person that didn’t have their eyes 3 inches away from a brightly lit smartphone screen. It’s disgusting to witness how entranced people get with their phones out. I reached into my right pocket and grabbed my Android to check the time. A couple dozen Instagram post viewings later I noticed that someone was sitting next to me. This person was either a ninja or a former navy seal because there is absolutely no way I wouldn’t have noticed them sitting down.

Stretching the limits of my peripheral vision I could tell it was a woman who snuck her way into the seat on my left. Her hair just barely reached her shoulders and was it a swirl of hazel brunette with blonde highlights sprinkled in. A sharp wool maroon sweater covered her large woman curves (ahem boobs). Honestly her breast occupied about ninety-nine percent of my peripheral view. Looks like I hit the jackpot!

I ransacked the inner workings of my mind for any excuse to talk her, but then something happened. A chilling numbness crept over my skin like a thousand ants marching toward the anthill. The locomotive that was my mind stopped dead in it’s tracks and that’s when i heard IT. Something akin to a phantom or spectre lightly whispered in my ear an ancient creed which no man should ever violate: “Wait for the face.” The very words shook the morrow in my bones. The spirit was right! How could I even think about hitting on this girl without seeing her face?

For the remainder of the class period I attempted of get a glimpse of her face as inconspicuously as possible. None of the tricks from usual playbook worked, so I decided to wait it out. Tick, tick, tick. 11:48 am, just two more minutes and class was over. The incessant ticking drove me mad.

“Alright that’s it for today guys and check online for the practice quiz”

Finally my chance had come. I turned to the left to face mystery girl and was met with…… disappointment. Her face resembled a cross between a pitbull and an exotic albino horse. Thank god I waited for the face.


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