When You’re Suddenly an Attractive Man

Attractive Man

Being an adult can be compared to Christopher Colombus traveling to the new world; even though he never actually made it to North America, he did end up in a strange new place where all the rules were different from Spain (or wherever the hell he came from). Just like grand ol’ Chris Colombus, I have found myself in a foreign place where the rules have changed drastically. Up until about two years ago, I had been living a quiet normal life as your average gamer-nerd. Life was good- it was simple, but then a series of unpredictable events left me forever changed. Without realizing it I got taller, muscular, and self-confident. My metamorphosis was subtle, but powerful like when a hot girl has a nip-slip on the beach. Suddenly, I transitioned from a docile gamer nerd into an attractive young man!


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