A Small Problem

Clark:: Dude I’m thinking about breaking up with Amy.

Johnson: What, Why?

Clark: She’s such a pain in the ass. She’s way too nice

Johnson: Um I don’t understand what you mean.

Clark: Alright level with me man. You remember my ex Laney right?

Johnson: The psycho chick? How could I forget?

Clark: Well she was awful. She always checked my texts and constantly called me to check in. There was even a time when she followed me to work. And we argued about the stupidest things I swear. But…

Johnson: But?

Clark: But at least it was interesting. You see I don’t get that with Amy. She always so considerate and understanding and it fucking drives me nuts. I mean I can’t even get into a good argument over anything with this woman. I don’t think I can put up with this for much longer

Johnson: Wait. Um so are you telling me you would rather date a woman who is clinically insane than a perfectly nice girl?

Clark: Exactly! I knew you would understand bro.

Johnson: ……


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