Emotions crashing down like sea waves on the jagged toothy coastline of my sanity

Uncertainity whipped into the air like the passenger of a speeding green Honda Civic who is thrusted into the windshield by an unexpected matrimony between fender and metal

Lies sown about with delicate percision and meticoulous effort, but upon pulling on a loose black thread the fabric of our relationship begins to unravel

Anger alive and singing in the husky throat of a terrible beast that fully engulfes me in her powerful embrace until our identities become undistungishable

Sadness stalkingly hovering and looming over my shoulder like a melchonly phantom desperately seeking attention

Trust distorted by conspiracies of Pain- a hoax frequently perpetuated from the collusion of Past with Present

Redemption clumsily stumbles onto the mint green patches of football turf, a burly quarterback cradling Happiness in the nook created between his right forearm and thick chest, anxiously galloping toward the goal post in the distance with a barrier of opponents in front of him. Will he ever make it?


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