Know where you are going

My journey through self-improvement and self-care led me to discover two things: Everyone experiences a life drift and life alignment.

Life drift occurs when we are uncertain of our purpose in life, so we drift around until discovering our purpose. This usually happens in the face of adversity or during a big transition. On the opposite end of the specturm is the life alignment. During this time we have a clearly defined sense of purpose. This higher calling shapes us as we begin to align our behaviors, actions, and thoughts in order realize this dream.

Knowing what stage you fall in is essential to success. A short self assesment should help figure it out. If you are drifting from your calling, why? What has changed? What do you need to do to get back on track?

Likewise the alignment stage still requires introspection. What is my end goal, what do I want to acheive? How close am I to acheiving it? What do I need to learn/do to help me reach my dream?

These questions will help you identifty your next step to victory. The path to achievement is not a straight line, so it helps to know where you are going.

I love you – Barry


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