Cheese Steak Sally pt. 2

Hello! If you haven’t already check out my first post about Cheese Steak Sally. Thanks! Before I dive into the juicy details of the story I would to thank everyone who encouraged me to go back to Smitty’s! I had a really fun time! Now story time:

Jesus Christ. Am I really doing this?

My head slouched down into my phone screen as I slowly walked to Smitty’s Steaks. I toyed with the idea of abanoning my mission of seeing Cheese Steak Sally again.

No! You already posted about it on Facebook and Instagram! There is no turning back now!

Damnit. You make a good point there Barry. Okay let’s do this! A breeze of false confidence carried me all the way to the doorway of Smitty’s. I took one last gulp of air and entered. Sure enough there she was! I was secretly hoping she wouldn’t be here so I could bail. As I walked in Cheese Steak Sally greeted me with a smile and melted away the little courage I had left. All of a sudden I felt gulity. She has no clue how awkard my interactions with other humans tend to be. Guess she’ll find out soon enough!

I sat in the same corner booth I was in during my last visit and waited patiently for Cheese Steak Sally to arrive.

Okay this will be fine. Just remember what Liv suggested and you’ll be fine. Be totally chill man. Chilllll.

Cheese Steak Sally then arrived at my table, glowing with a big beautiful smile and a menu in hand. “Hi! Can I get you something to drink?”

“Uh um yeah…” for some reason I paused “Water please”

“Okay I’ll be right back!”

Great start Barry. GREAT.

Silently I cursed and scolded myself. Okay you got this man. Show me some Charisma!

Cheese steak Sally returned with a pad and pen to jot down my order. Before she asked me for my order I bodly interrupted.

Smoother than freshly churned butter I looked at her and declared “Just to let ya know I’m going to be living above here pretty soon. So you’ll probably see me around a lot.” I threw in a smile for bonus points. Nice

“Oh that’s cool? Have you met your neighbor yet? He’s the really weird guy with long hair that hangs around here”

UM what. Great I have a weird neighbor to look forward to.

“No I haven’t met him, but he sounds interesting”

Sally smiled coyly, “That’s awesome that you’ll be living there! I only work Fridays so only come in then, okay?”

Wait what did she just say? Is she hitting on me? She is right. Right?

The flirting quickly ended and it was back to business. I ordered a ribeye cheese steak with onions, mushrooms, lettuce and tomato. Sally recommended the house cheese so I took her up on it.

“So do you want a drink besides water? We have Pepsi products”

I pumped up my charimsa hose to 110% and answered “Nah that’s cool. I’m more of a Coca-Cola guy.”

Cheese Steak Sally gave me a puzzled look and returned to the kitchen without another word.

BARRY DIAL IT BACK. Too much Charisma!


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