Barry’s Tips for College Success

In an effort to pay it forward before I graduate from Bloomsburg University of Pennslyvania in four days I created a list of tips for college success. I sincerely believe that any student, at any point in time, can apply this advice and be succesful in college.

Exploit all your resources

Information is truly the most powerful asset to own. When you first get to campus everything will be brand new and completely foreign. Learn about the different resources available both on-campus and off campus. A great start would be talking to your CA (RA) and getting a feel for the college environment. During syllabus week take the time to review your syllabus and write down the professor’s office hours in a place you can easily find them. DO NOT BE AFRAID TO ASK FOR HELP. Now is also a great time to find new hobbies, clubs, and interests. Seek as much information as possible, discover all opportunities available.

Start with the end in mind

A great practice is to constantly make goals and commit to them. Write down all your goals on a piece paper and tape them somewhere clearly visible in your room. This paper serves as a contract between you and your commitments. Develop good habits early on and you will prosper.

Self-discovery, Self-care, Self-discipline

College is a great opportunity to learn about yourself and redefine who you are. It also an opportunity to change what you do not like about yourself. Introspection is a powerful tool. Finding your authentic self is challenging, scary, and incredibly rewarding. Learn to fall in love with the most important person in your life: You.

Be stubborn about your passion, flexible with the path

Have a dream that moves and inspires you, but open about you chase it and be patient. The results will come eventually. Life will often surprise you in wonderful ways.

Know the quality of your circle and constantly adjust it

Surround yourself with people you admire and you will learn how to become like them. Here are the three types of people everyone should have their network:

  • Mentor – Someone who has experience and is willing to provide you with guidance. This person should also be sincerely interested in your success. Can be anyone from an upperclassman to faculty advisor.
  • Rival – Someone who always pushes you to do better and be more. Having a Rival will help motivate you will self-discipline is not enough.
  • Friend – At the end of the day everyone needs a supportive friend to depend on.

If at ANY point you discover the people in your circle are toxic or unhealthy influences remove them and find someone else.

Pay it forward

No matter how successful you get do not forget those that helped you get there. Offer to help others when you can. Humility and appreciation go a long way.

Live in the moment

College is a wonderful journey and it will go by fast. Enjoy the ride and live in the moment.

Best of luck, I love you – Barry


5 thoughts on “Barry’s Tips for College Success

  1. Thank you on taking the time to help me get a head start with college and showing the right path I need to take when I start out and become successful in life

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