How to be an exquisite conversationalist: A complete guide

Interacting with other humans is hard. This guide contains all the information you need to navigate any and all social interactions will a 100% success rate. Below I provide specific scenarios and advanced conversational strategies. Be wary, this information is truly life changing!

Situation 1 – The Greeting

Tom: Hey Barry! How are you?

Barry: Good! How are you?

Bam! – human interaction successfully mastered.

Situation 2 – The Flirting

Attractive person: Hey there, you come here often?

Okay so pay attention because this gets tricky. Notice how the flirter ask me a question. We will use what we learned in Situation 1 and apply it here.

Barry:……How are you? *eye wink*

Ding! Flirting accomplished.

Situation 3 – The Interview

Edison BusinessMan: Mr. Barry your resume is quite astonishing. Are there any other questions you have for us?

Ha! This is the perfect opportunity to really dazzle your future employer with your social skills. You want to craft a question that shows you are interested in the interviewer. Read carefully now folks.

Barry: Yes! I just have one question: How are YOU?

Did you see it? We took the concepts from Situations 1 & 2 and added a small alteration. Extra emphasis is placed on the YOU to convey selflessness.

You’re practically a wordsmith already! Lastly I will deconstruct the conversationalist formula into three easy to remember sections.

3 Sections of Conversationalist “Formula”

Section 1: HOW – The word “how” is powerful. It seeks answers and allures the listener to your wants.

Section 2: ARE – Using “are” calls attention to a state of being. Truly powerful stuff.

Section 3: YOU – Lastly to bring the focus back to the listener we insert a “you”. This is a critical step and must not be forgotten!!!!

Best of luck – Barry






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