Use your emotional satellite

For the last few years I have struggled to effectively use my emotions. Much of my personality is bounded in analytical and logical thought so I neglected to see the value of tuning into my own emotions. I was exposed to the importance of embracing my emotions out of necessity. These two quotes drive the point home:

“Understanding one’s emotions is the first step to controlling them. When you don’t control your emotions, they control you”

“Humans may use logic, but we are still creatures of great emotion”

The second quote strongly resonates with me. Humans cannot survive on logic alone. Our emotions must be acknowledged and harnessed. I’ve come to understand human emotion as biological satellite. This satellite picks up on signals that are undetectable through analytical or logical means. Learning to tap into this satellite will help navigate life’s rough waters when logic is not enough.


This emotional satellite is commonly known as intuition. Intuition is that unexplainable gut feeling or “hunch”. It is an instinct that is hardwired into all of us. Everyone holds the power of intuition, but not everyone knows how to use it. Taking time to setup and configure your emotional satellite is not only invaluable, it is necessary. In future posts I will share stories of how I’ve successfully used my emotional satellite to my advantage.

Until next time! – Barry


8 thoughts on “Use your emotional satellite

  1. Sometimes when working through decisions, I filter them through the lenses of “thinking” and “feeling” to help ensure I’m engaging both my (dominant) analytical and emotional parts. Looking forward to those upcoming posts on the “satellite”!

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