Emotional Satellite: Adjust settings

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Before an emotional satellite can be used there must be time spend set adjusting settings. On a regular electronic device, this means reading instruction manuals, determining what plugs go where etc. Adjusting your emotional satellite begins by developing an increased awareness of one’s emotions.

“But Barry I already know what my emotions are!”

Alright I know you do, but do you know why your emotions are? Do you know what triggers your anxiety, anger, excitement and so on? Can you identify your emotional state and express these feelings into words?

Harnessing your emotions means working from the inside out. Intuition comes from a heightened awareness of your emotions. Awareness comes from observation or in this case self-observation. The questions above are self-reflective to guide you to a better understanding of yourself.

I remember being 18 and being obsessed with the idea of controlling my emotions. I never wanted to be angry or upset so I pushed those feelings down. This backfired greatly. I can still recall the shame I felt after intentionally lashing out at my friends or doing something I regretted because I was upset and did not realize it. “How could this happen?” I would ask. I did my best to control all those emotions I didn’t want to feel.

Newsflash younger self- you don’t get to decided what emotions you do and do not feel. Let me say it again for emphasis:

you don’t get to decided what emotions you do and do not feel

 That’s not how emotions work. Luckily you can choose to be aware of your emotions. Through this awareness you develop understanding. This understanding will help you “tune in” to your emotions and decide what actions to take to minimize negative emotions and fully enjoy positive ones. It sounds simple, but it only comes after you decide to be proactive instead of reactive.


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Adjust your satellite and listen to your emotional signals – Barry


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