That’s what they called me in college

A few days ago I took a trip to Dollar Tree with my friends Sare and Rhoady. As struggling poor college students Dollar Tree is a magically paradise. Pretty much anything you can want or need can be found for just a one dollar!

Honestly who needs Twizzlers when you have Cherry Spitzlers? Or the highly superior generic alternative to Pop Tarts – Chocolate Toaster Treats.

After about a half hour of wondering amongst the store self we made our way to the checkout counter. Rhoady eyes the gum self and comments:

“Footlong double bubble gum? That’s what they called me in college….”

Rhoady has said this joke a dozen times before. I do not like where this is going.

Confused the red hair cashier looks up and goes “oh?”

Rhoady continues “…because they always blew me”

I shut eyes while I trying my hardest not to start obnoxiously laughing out loud. Sare just stood there quietly with an expression on her face that read You guys are idiots. The cashiers face blossomed bright red as she muttered “Oh my!”

When we got to the parking lot I burst into hearty full laugh.


“Jesus Roady, I can’t take you anywhere” – Barry


2 thoughts on “That’s what they called me in college

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