Emotional satellite: Energizers & Drainers

Continuation of Emotional Satellite discussion discussed here: Emotional satellite, Emotional satellite: Adjust settings.

Developing a keen awareness of your own emotions will add another layer of perception onto your daily observations. When I feel uncomfortable I get quiet, my muscles tense up, and I typically avoid making eye contact. Knowing this about myself has helped me realize when others around me feel uncomfortable. Understanding yourself tends to make it easier to understand others.

Having this ability will help you navigate life equipped with more information, allowing you to make better decisions while interacting with other people. The emotional satellite can also help us in one of the most important aspects in life: relationships.

Relationships are not just romantic encounters. They include family, friends, coworkers, and the people we regularly spend time with. In my experience, there two types of people in every relationship. A person is either an Energizer or a Drainer.



Energizers are individuals who empower you in a relationship. They are supportive and bring passion, energy, and vitally into the relationship. There is usually a good sense of personal boundaries and mutual respect for everyone involved. Metaphorically being surrounded by energizers is like soaking up fresh sunlight.

Examples include:

  • Family members
  • Friends
  • Significant others
  • Coworkers



Drainers are the exact opposite of Energizers. They are judgmental and harbor anger, negativity, and desperation. People falling into this category tend to be Manipulators and Narcissists with no real regard for the other persons wants/needs. Spending time people like this drains you both physically and emotionally. Metaphorically being surrounded by drainers is like be encapsulated in a thick toxic smog.

Examples include:

  • Family members
  • Friends
  • Significant others
  • Coworkers

Using your Emotional Satellite

Notice how the list of Energizers and Drainers is exactly the same? This is not a trick. Any person in any relationship can be an Energizer or a Drainer. Tapping into your intuition (eg. Emotional satellite) can help you honestly evaluate whether someone in your life is an Energizer or a Drainer.


Ultimately, it is up to you who decides who deserves to stay in your life and who does not. – Barry


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