Remember that one time I almost died?

This Memorial Day weekend I took a trip to Limerick, PA with my friends Jen, Sare, and Rhoady. We were going to Jen’s home to surprise her dad for the holiday.

We pulled up to Jen’s house around midafternoon on Sunday. I was blown away by the huge lavish house in front us that was just one in a neighborhood of beautiful homes. We got inside and were greeted by Jen’s parents. Inside their kitchen awaited a paradise of barbeque food. Thick meaty hamburgers, juicy bratwursts, smoked hotdogs, grilled chicken, roasted mixed vegetables. Did I mention the wide selection of alcohol? It was a pretty awesome time!

Okay so fast forward to around 10:30pm that night. Stomach stretched to its limits with food I somehow ended up in the hot tub alone with neighbors’ daughter Tracie. Tracie is in her 20’s has short blonde and is very hot. Seriously, do all the girls in the neighborhood look like this? I need to move.

Tracie and I lounged in the hot tub for a long while just sharing our personal stories. She told me of her career goals, ambitions, and worries. I felt like we made a genuine connection. I love listening to other people’s journey in life. It provides me with perspective.

After about 90 minutes we are evicted from the hot tub and must return indoors. Tracie quickly jumps out and scuttles inside. Meanwhile I lethargically exited the steamy waters at a snail-like pace.

Hm? This is weird. Why is everything spinnin-…

Suddenly I found myself on the floor of Jen’s kitchen.

Both of Jen’s parents rushed over to help me.

“Oh my god Barry, are you okay?” Jen’s Mom asked while looking visibly concerned.

“Yeah I’m just a little light headed,” Everything was still twirling in my head.

At this point everyone there came to the kitchen to see what the commotion was about.

“Alright buddy just take it easy” Jen’s Dad instructed whilst kneeling beside me.

“I guess there is a such thing as hot chocolate being too hot” I playfully joked.

Jen winced and retorted, “I think he has head damage.”

I rested on the ground for a few minutes longer before upgrading to the nearest kitchen chair. The spins went away and left behind an incredible want for water.

“Do you need anything?” Sare asked innocuously

“Well I could use a massage”

Sare cheeks went flush red then she flashed me a look that screamed Idiot.

What? I almost died. – Barry


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