Cheese Steak Sally and the Fruit Dress

The other night I had the strangest dream:

I worked in Central Park, New York as a mascot for a fruit and produce stand. My job was to attract as many people to the stand possible. To help me with this I was clothed in a brilliantly elaborate fruit dress. Now to be clear it was not just a dress. It was a dress made entirely of real edible fruit! Side note: To no-one’s surprise I looked good in it too.

Along with this amazing fruit dress I was equipped with four huge candy apple red balloons. Two for each hand. These balloons allowed me to soar playfully in the air and return to the earth without harm. A huge crowed surrounded my fruit stand to witness the spectacle. Children and adults watched in awe as danced in the sky with my magnificent fruit dress.

After a few hours of aerial acrobatics I suddenly noticed Cheese Steak Sally out in the distance. I run towards her and then out of now where appears this ridiculously handsome French guy. He starts in to make on move on Cheese Steak Sally and I panic! With all my might I run towards Cheese Steak Sally and French guy, but I can’t seem to move forward! In a few moments I realize that four balloons I held were slowly lifting me further and further away.

Thankfully I woke up then.

Moral of the story? I need a fruit dress. Oh and avoid giant red balloons – Barry


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