The Lacrosse Goddess

Her curly cranberry colored hair immediately griped my attention as she coolly strolled into the lobby of Luzerne Hall. Beneath that beautiful head of hair was a face speckled in freckles placed on top a slender athletic build. The aura of athleticism enhanced by the white lacrosse stick she carried around. I didn’t know her name yet, but I knew she was a goddess. The Lacrosse Goddess.

Shit- She made eye contact! How long was I staring?

Idiot! Why were you staring?!

Okay diversion time. I’ll pretend to drop something. Yeah that should work!

I swiped a pencil off the desk and dove to the ground.

Okay okay, before you pass judgement let us examine the next attempt at social interaction with The Lacrosse Goddess.

Attempt 2

The sweltering September heat ripped open the all sweat pores in my body. Returning to Luzerne after long hours sitting in stove-like classroom felt wonderful. Twenty feet before I reached the lobby doors guess who comes strolling out? That’s right The Lacrosse Goddess appeared before my very eyes.

Time to redeem myself. Game time!

“Hey Patrick” she casually greeted

Wait? She knows my name? How? I never told her.

Bruh. You work in the building. EVERYONE knows your name.

Oh yeah. I forgot.

This unexpected development threw me off momentarily. Adrenaline pumping, I focused all of my active brain neurons on the task of forming a perfectly normal human response.

“Um hi”

Too late. In the midst of my mini anxiety attack I failed to realize she was already long gone. Ugh.

Nice one kid. Nicceeeee.

To be fair this was a few years ago…. Not much has changed – Barry


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