Bitter old gal

“We’re dating!”

Bryan and Savannah chanted in sync while holding holds. A shiver of unease ran through my back. I knew they were joking, but the thought of them together made me queasy. They would be an awful couple.

“Oh? Good for you!” I feigned excitement and played along. This charade won’t last long.

The three of us were eating lunch in the Long Porch section of the Scranton Commons. Disinterested in the “food” on my plate I decided to go for dessert. Even after four years of eating Commons I still got excited for dessert.

“I’ll be back guys” I said to Bryan and Savannah as I got up from my seat.

God I really hope they were joking about dating each other.

Giddy with anticipation I quickly made it to the dessert area. The seductive aroma of fresh baked chocolate chip cookies filled my nostrils. My taste buds became fully aroused.

The older woman transferring the warm goodness from the bake sheet to the collection area appeared to be having a bad day. How can you make cookies and be miserable?

“The cookies look great today!” I friendly commented. BIG mistake.

“What do you mean by that?” Her dormant anger awoken and targeted directly at me.

“Uh….., I just mean I like the selection you guys have today,” trying to maintain a friendly tone.

Bitter old gal’s annoyance simmered over as she defensively replied,

Well, FIRST of all we don’t pick the flavors up here. I just bake what they give me. I don’t choose the flavors or what gets made around here. SO I hope that clears things up for you”

Jesus Christ lady. Just trying to make conversation. I honestly don’t care who makes the cookies. Her incredible rudeness did not offend me though. It just revealed how insecure people can be – especially about something as unimportant as cookies.

I simply remained silent and proceeded back to Long Porch with my warm cookies in hand.

I returned to Bryan and Savannah grinning big smiles.

“Gotcha! We aren’t really dating!”

Whew! Thank the lord! – Barry


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