Misconceptions of knowledge

Along this journey of self-improvement, I developed a different perspective on knowledge. Like many, I adamantly believed in the phrase “knowledge is power.”

This is not entirely true. Recently I have discovered that knowledge alone is not that powerful. Starting off we need the right kind of knowledge.

Growing up many of my personal relationships were manipulative and self-destructive. Before learning about manipulation, codependency, and toxic relationships I constantly sought knowledge about self-improvement. Unfornately, the knowledge I acquired didn’t give me the right tools to pull myself out that situation. When I realized this I began to search for information that was actually helpful.

Learning is not about knowing all there is know. Learning is about knowing what you need to grow.

Information in isolation does not develop full understanding. Experience is needed to completely fill in the gaps of understanding.

Consider the following:

You read books about baking, but you never baked before. Are you a baker?

You watch dozens of documentaries on Animal Planet. Does that make you a biologist?

The answer to both is no. That education is worthless until it is applied and contextualized.

So when learning any new skill learn and then do. Good luck out there! – Barry


3 thoughts on “Misconceptions of knowledge

  1. This is absolutely true,even I misunderstood the real meaning of knowledge.I think acquiring it is not a big deal but when we experience it and then form our own perceptions and conceptions,it is then that wisdom seeps in.Thanks for sharing.Well I cannot find your article on the lost soul here on the blog! Is it just on Bay Art?

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