Hey ya’ll. Today I am going to interview one of the most interesting people I know…myself. Huh? You can’t do that! Actually I can. I saw another blogger do it first.

Pat: Great to have you on the blog Barry! How are you doing today?

Barry: Everythang is all good here man. What is the topic for today?

Pat: Back in April your name from Patrick to Barry. Honestly I still do not fully understand why, can you break it down for us again?

Barry: Thank you Patrick that is an awesome question. By the way, you are looking mighty fine today. Anyways back in late March I began questioning my identity. When I began to self-reflect and determine what my values I realized that who I was and who I wanted to be were two different people. So I decided to change my name to Barry to reflect this inner change.

Pat: Wow. That is really profound, okay so it’s kindof like a Jedi mind trick- but on yourself?

Barry: *chuckles* Yes I suppose that’s another way to put it.

Pat: Okay so you change your name. Boom. Done. How did your friends and family react to this sudden change?

Barry: Honestly I could not of have anticipated the reaction to this small change. At first many people thought it was an elaborate joke. There were plenty of who just accepted it and were curious about my decision. What I didn’t expect were the people who fiercely opposed to the name change. I mean jeez! You would think I committed a felony or something. My mom was especially annoyed at the news. “I did not name my child Barry” was her line, which is understandable.

Pat: Alright so two questions for ya now: How did you deal with the negative reactions? And why the name?

Barry: At first I would get upset, but then I learned to let it go. People will always resist change no matter how small and getting upset will not change anything. As for the name Barry it comes from two places. In highschool my friend Andres used to call me Pat Barry and I grew to like the name Barry. Secondly my role model Barack Obama had the nickname Barry in college.

Pat: Okay that really clears things up! We have to end it here, but it was great interviewing you!

Barry: Thank you for having me!


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