Last Thursday I ventured out of my lonely apartment toward the Bloomsburg Public Library. The gray overcast and subtle breeze were a refreshing change from the June heat. It only took me five minutes to reach my destination.

Entering the library I held a copy of The Operator by Kim Harrison firmly in my hands. There were about sixty pages left until I reached the end. I HAD to finish today! Doing a quick scan of the first floor I located the comfiest looking chair and plopped myself down. It’s go time baby!

Not even three minutes into my reading the first interruption arrived.

A short portly man wearing a classic dad outfit (and body to match) comes up planting himself two feet behind me. He needed to charge his phone and the nearest outlet rested in the wall right next to me.

Okay no big deal. I’ll just ignore this guy.

I readjusted myself and focused on the book.

*pop* *bleep* A litany of annoying electronic notification noises disturbs me again.

Umm DO YOU MIND? This is a library, I’m trying to read!

Taking in a deep breath I collected my patience and read on. For next 15 minutes my ears were berated with EVERY possible notification sound under the sun. Constant texting chimes, Facebook Messenger bubble burst, and video game coin dings. I refused to move – I was here first dammit!


My phone vibrate went off; it was Sare asking me what I was doing.

Leaving is what I’m doing.

I jumped out of my sit, heading for the exit.

“Excuse me?” the annoying dad with the phone called out to me. “ Can I sit here?”


I politely forced a smile, “Sure! I’m not coming back.”


Real time photo of me in that moment.

God I hate people sometimesBarry


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