Random Encounters – Old man

Interacting with random Bloomsburg Townees is always an interesting experience. These are moments typically occur in a few seconds, but they are definitely worth sharing.

Clear cloudless skies and sunshine marked this perfect summer afternoon. Leaving my apartment I headed for Jen and Sare’s place. I quickly jay-walked across the street from First Columbia Bank towards Husky Korners. While strolling along the sidewalk I noticed a lanky old man walking his brown pitbull.

“Hello young man” he greeted

Hello gramps. Please don’t try to have a conversation with me.

“Hi!” I jovially replied

“Let me tell ya something sonny…..”

Ugh noooooooo. Please don’t tell me about the Depression or ‘Nam. I really don’t want to hear about ‘Nam.

“…. Getting old is a real bitch! I’ll tell ya that much!”

The old geezer went about his way, trailing behind his lively little pitbull.

Um? What? Nothing about ‘Nam? – Barry


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