The Comfort Zone

Over the course of our lives we will become familiar with a variety of zones. They can range from AutoZone, The Phantom Zone, The Chalk Zone, and my personal favorite, Frozone.


The focus for today is the comfort zone. What is the comfort zone? I define it as:

An area you operate in where the outcomes are predictable and easily foreseeable.

Got it? Cool. What makes the comfort zone so cozy hinges on the predictability factor. It is easy to act when you know what the end product will be. Most people brush their teeth everyday because they know the result is a clean mouth free of cavities. A majority of people shower daily because it is a reliable way of being sanitary. The actions are not far removed from the outcomes.

There is nothing inherently bad about the comfort zone. Content with your current outcomes? I will not challenge you to change. If you want different outcomes, you must take different actions. The beauty lies in the simplicity of the idea. Start small and slowly navigate out of the comfort zone.

I love you – Barry


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