How to Lose Friends and Interfere with People: Introduction

In 1936 Dale Carnegie published the well-known book How to Win Friends and Influence People. This guide shows readers how to approach human relations to find success in their profession. Carnegie provides powerful insights about communication and teaches basic truths about human nature.

After fully consuming the knowledge in this text I still felt deeply dissatisfied. Dale Carnegie did a tremendous job, BUT he failed to acknowledge one teeny oversight: What if I have too many friends? Popularity is a burdensome responsibility. If there’s instructions on winning friends, there should be instructions on losing friends. Fortunately for you this is an area where I excel!

Part One – How to Lose Friends

This section introduces the fundamentals of friend reduction.

Don’t let that 90’s sitcom fool you! Having friends can be a major pain in the ass. Friends constantly want you to be around you. Friends disturb your 15 hour Netflix binge-a-thons. Friends encourage you to leave the confines of your inner sanctum to “socialize”.


Principle for Today: Friendship at stake? Be a flake!

Imagine the following: You roll out of bed at 2pm Saturday “morning” to see a text from Carrie. Three weeks ago, you promised to accompany Carrie to that new Will Ferrell movie. Yeah the one with the dolphins. Usually this is not a problem. The movies are kinda cool and you can sleep during the slow parts. Today is different though. You have 7 episodes of House of Cards left and you mentally dedicated this day to catching up.


Choose wisely.

Do you:

  1. Stay home, turn off your phone, and hope to hell you don’t run into Carrie on Monday?
  2. Honor your commitment and go to the movie? (You can always watch the show later)
  3. Text Carrie back with a faked illness you found on WebMD minutes before?

The correct options are 1 or 3. We don’t want to go to the movies with Carrie. We don’t even like Carrie. How dare she invite us to the movies! Memorize this – Friendship at stake, be a flake.

Until next time – Barry


5 thoughts on “How to Lose Friends and Interfere with People: Introduction

  1. I couldn’t tell if this was serious, satirical or sarcastic but it was funny as hell. I totally agree, sometimes people can be so needy. I’d also admit that there were indeed times when I did commit but decided to flake for something that would otherwise be seen as hmmm, frivolous. It gets overbearing and sometimes, sometimes, solitude wins.

    • Thank you haha. I’m 50 percent extrovert 50 percent introvert so sometimes I love people other times I need to be alone. Thanks again for reading!

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  3. I would definitely have to stick with Option 3 as it seems to be the easiest to handle. Friends always want something, even friends you care about. The question becomes one of just how much you care. Hey, Dale Carnegie never said anything about us fellow human beings being wonderful creatures. No, if you read carefully, he is offering up a simple roadmap for people to manipulate each other. Well, like Annie Lennox used to sing, “Some of them want to get used by you.”

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