Random Encounters – Bookworm

Interacting with random Bloomsburg Townees is always an interesting experience. These are moments typically occur in a few seconds, but they are definitely worth sharing.

Damn. Looks like I ran out of eggs. Ugh. Maybe I could just starve today?

Hellman’s mayonnaise, strawberry preservatives, pepper jack cheese, and baby carrots were the only occupants still in my fridge. The others were either evicted due to spoilage or murdered in one of my nefarious eating frenzies. Looks like I’m walking to Dollar General.

♫♪Bo bop bo bop la la le loooo, walking to buy some eggssss yum yummm♫♪

My inner melody played ecstatically to fill the silence of the early morning hour. The trip to Dollar General is only a five minute walk from my apartment.

“Excuse me?”


Snapping back to the present I noticed a young woman in front of me. She was on the shorter side, my guess being about 5’3, with a pale face shadowed by long raven colored hair. Black glasses nestled on her face she looked up at me with inquisition in her eyes.

“Excuse me,” she tried again “do you know of any bookstores around besides Phillips Emporium? I’m new in town.”

“Hmmm, I’m not entirely sure,” I pondered “Did you try the library? I’m actually headed there now,”

What? No you’re not! Why did you make me say that?

Uncertain if I was imagining this or not, but Bookworm’s body language started to throw me off. She began biting her lip nervously and I detected lust in her gaze; sensing her that outward anxiousness indicated other embarrassing emotions. Ignoring these strange signals, I carried on our conversation.

“Yeah, I tried the library already – they didn’t have what I was looking for”

“Oh. That’s a shame, well maybe you could try Walmart?”

There she goes again with the lip biting, this time adverting her eyes from me. God please let this be over so I can get some eggs.

“Oh. Okay. Thank you!”

We lingered there on the sidewalk for a second before moving on. Bookworm seemed to be waiting for something more. I looked back one more time to confirm my inner suspicion. That woman clearly had the hots for me.

Sadly, for her the only chick I was looking for came in an egg shell – Barry


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