The Great Debate

“Guys, I’m telling you I know what I saw!”

My insistence became increasingly adamant. This growing debate between Ike, Molly, Drake, and it started with small admission of truth. I think John is still in the bathroom.

Ike: “Wait just a second, are you absolutely sure?”

“YES, I am 1000 percent sure!”

Drake: “But we were all there, how come no one else saw?”

Oh man. Maybe I was the only one who noticed.

I put the conversion on hold to quickly comb through the events of the previous night at Capitol. Our little posse gathered to celebrate Ike’s 21st birthday with a trip to the bar at midnight. After racking up an impressive tab with too many rum and cokes we played pool. I can’t remember why, but in the middle game we took a brief five-minute break.

Everyone seemingly floated away in different directions. I remained at the pool table just looking around. That’s when I saw it. A super attractive woman wearing a short black blouse with a very long V neck traveling in my direction. She was clearly hammered because her eyes were glazed over with a drunken indifference. A gust of wind or some other force of nature took over and all of a sudden, her right areola was fully exposed! I immediately spun my head around to find another witness.

I just saw a nipple! Here! Out in the open! A nipple!

No one else from our group was around. I returned my gaze to the clothing mishap victim and her breast was fully covered again. There is no way I imagined that!

“Okay guys I wouldn’t lie about seeing a nipple. There are just some things you cannot joke about!”

Ike & Drake: “But no one else saw it!”

As if by cue John emerged from the restroom. My pride rested on his testimonial of the nipple sighting. Everything rested in his hands now.

“John! Please tell me you saw the nipple last night at Capitol!”

Taken aback for a second John just stood still. A glow of red emerged on his face as the room directed all of its attention toward him in anticipation.

John: “Yeah I totally saw the nipple too”



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