Harness -ING

What do you want to do most? To be an actor, programmer, dancer, writer, teacher, parent, doctor, etc..?

Figured it out? Awesome! The next question typically is:

When do I know I’m really an actor?

Uncertainty claims a lot of lives with this question. Then people quit. Instead of searching for outside validation use this simple tool. Harness the power of ing.

You are an actor if you are acting.

You are a manager if you are managing.

You are a cook if you are cooking.

You are a teacher if you are teaching.

You are a runner if you are running.

Steady and continuous action transforms a person into what they want to be. The moment you begin to do it you become it. My advice? Harness the power of -ing. Concentrate on starting something instead of searching for something.

Good luck – Barry


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