Adventures in Learning: Public Speaking

To this day, Professor Thomlee remains one of my favorite instructors at Bloomsburg University. At age 63 he always introduced our morning Public Speaking class the same way,

“Good morning students! Only a few more weeks left in the semester and then I can retire!”

Dr. Thomlee possessed a youthful jovial energy and I loved his random Star Trek tangents. I could tolerate waking up at eight AM every other weekday because he made class enjoyable. For the remaining week of the course we were assigned a Final speech. Dr. Thomlee explained the only requirement was the presentation needed to be 15 minutes long.

This is going to be cake!

Giddy as hell, Freshman me prepared a 19-minute-long presentation on the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show (CES). I know, super nerdy, right?


Attendance still counted so I had to drearily sit through everyone else’s Final speech. I will NEVER forget Katie Nandana’s presentation. The Wednesday of her presentation Katie pulled up her Final PowerPoint onto the projector screen and addressed the class:

Katie: “Good morning class. My presentation is about Pictures vs Home Videos.”

What in the world? Pictures vs Home Videos……Hmm, okay? Let’s keep an open mind.

Katie somehow managed to find the world’s most pixelated images for her intro slide. Jesus, I think 80’s Atari games had clearer visuals.


HD in comparison 

Katie: “So pictures are nice, but they don’t always so context…”

Okay. She’s making some decent points.

Katie: “… that’s why I think home videos are better,” *Flips to next Slide* “So in conclusion home videos are better than pictures. Thank You”


My brain short circuited trying to process the absurdity of what just happened. Did she really just, I mean no, what? Her presentation was like two minutes long! Literally like two minutes! 120 seconds! For a FINAL SPEECH! WHAT!


Exactly how I feel man

I still like pictures more – Barry


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