4AM Bike Ride

My biological alarm went off at 3:35 AM. I guess that’s what happens after falling asleep at 8pm the night before. Whatever. Pulling back the sheets I rose to peer out at the vacant intersection beyond my window.

You know what would be a good idea?

Um going back to sleep?

No! Going for a bike ride! Look! No cars are around and you know you want to. Come on Barry, where’s your sense of adventure?

Uggh. Fine. I’ll go for a short ride.

Quickly I threw on some basketball shorts and retrieve a kinda clean t-shirt from my laundry basket. Rushing downstairs out of my apartment I grabbed my red old school Huffy champion. Time to explore the early morning outside world.

At 65 degrees with a slight breeze the weather was perfect. I pedaled my way down Main, taking fully advantage of the absence of cars. The sensation of rushing air joined by the metallic clinging of bike chains are like no other. For about an hour and half I explored uncharted areas out in the distance. A one point I passed a shirtless man standing outside motionless while holding a large blue bowl. My guess is he was under the influence or practicing impersonating a statute. Upon returning to my apartment I showered and floundered back into bed.

This is why I have sleeping issues – Barry


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