Dude where’s my car?




Rhythmic sounds of dripping water intruded on my dream. Groggy and confused, I awoke that morning to a raging thunderstorm. The ceiling leaked in two spots in my bedroom. Water reduced a portion of the ceiling tile into an unsightly pile of mush on the carpet. It was 5:45AM and I couldn’t remember why I needed to be up.

What do I need to do? Hmm? What was it? Oh! Doctors appointment today!

Quickly I scrambled to get clothes on then exited the apartment. My Jeep was parked in Green lot, which takes about seven minutes to reach walking, so I would need to endure the thunderstorm for a bit.

Hey, why don’t you ride the bike there?


Ridin’ in style

That’s a great idea!

Gusts of wind and rain pummeled me as I struggled to pedal to Green lot. Triumphant, I made it to Green lot soaking wet. I searched and searched, but I didn’t see my car anywhere! Massive panic ensued.

Shit! Shit! Shit! Where’s my car? Oh my god! Did someone steal my car? My mom is going to be so pissed! Shit!

A twinkle of clarity momentarily cut through panic.

Wait…. Didn’t you park at the bank behind your apartment Thursday? Yeah, you probably just forgot to move it.

Oh yeah! Damn, since Thursday? Hopefully they didn’t put a boot on my car. Once again I mounted my Huffy and rode to the bank parking lot. I arrived to the beautiful sight of my Jeep Compass. Fully intact and not stolen. Delicately placed in between the windshield wipers was a bright yellow parking ticket for $40.

That kinda sucks, but at least my car isn’t stolen!

Upon entering the car, I realized my sunroof had been left open. Rain water dampened a decent portion of the interior. Goddamnit.


Well at least my car isn’t stolen 😭 – Barry


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