Freelance Romantic

This post is for all you singles and soon-to-be singles (you know who you are 😐)

Want some dating advice? Try changing up some of your terminology before entering the dating pool! Here’s an example:

Person 1: “So, are you single?”

Person 2: “Me? No, I prefer to think of myself as a Freelance Romantic.”

What in the hippty hell is a freelance romantic? Let me break it down.


Freelance Romantic

Source Barryam-Webster

Definition: Freelance Romantic noun. – An individual who is independent of any romantic entanglements at the present. Commonly referred to as “single”, this person will likely die miserable and alone.

Synonyms for Freelance Romantic include:

  • Commitment Dodger
  • Friend-Zone Adventurer
  • Single Pringle Ready to Mingle
  • Mom’s Basement Dweller
  • Riding Han Solo

It totally works!

A simple change in terminology makes all the difference! – Barry


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