The Eager Observer

The members of CGA huddled together at one table during the lunch break. Ike, Molly, Sandra, Dustin, and Tera were all present. We took our seats as the Kehr Union Ballroom quickly filled up with students, alumni, and presenters for the 10th Annual Husky Student Leadership Conference. Conversations about the various workshops spread amongst the group. I remained silent.

God I’m starving! When is the food coming? I really hope it’s not peanut butter and jelly. Actually, I don’t mind peanut butter and jelly. If the ratio of peanut butter is higher than jelly than I’m good. Maybe I do want peanut butter jelly?

“Hey Pat,” Ike summoned my attention.


“I got this really awesome idea! Let’s get a group photo with all the CGA alumni!”

“Great thinking man, I really like that idea!”

“I knew you would haha, I spoke to a bunch of alumni already. Could you try to convince Steve Grayola?”

Steve Grayola was a superstar amongst the Bloomsburg University alumni. At the ripe age of 27 he fought his way up the corporate latter to become a junior level executive at Comcast. His massive success drew students toward him like flies to honey. To the right of Ike, I noticed Dustin’s ears perk up at the sound of Steve Grayola’s name.


But you’ll catch more honeys being fly

I have to be the one to convince Steve Grayola? Ugh. I hate looking desperate, but I’ll do it!

“Yeah Ike I gotchu”

I waited until the flurry of activity calmed down before seeking out Steve. On the far side of the room he got up to refill his cup. Now was the perfect time! I strolled over to the beverage table to the water dispenser left of him.

Waiting a few seconds I then casually inquired, “You’re Steve Grayola, right?”

Steve gave me a quick once over and dully answered, “Yeah.”

My instincts told me he was a man of short patience so I got straight to the point.

“Hello. My name is Patrick Berridge and I am the Secretary for CGA. I’m sorry to bother you, but you were a member of CGA once, right?”

Steve’s hardened facial muscles began to relax a little. I could I was reeling him in.

“Yeah, I was. Why?”

Okay time for the hook line and sinker.



“The current members of CGA would like take a group photo with all the former CGA alumni after the lunch break and we would really like it if yo-”

“Why is he nodding his head like that?!” Steve’s face flared with annoyance.

What the hell is he talking about?

I turned around to find Dustin standing five centimeters behind me. He eagerly stood there eavesdropping on our conversation the entire time. My guess is he didn’t want to interrupt the conversation so he chose to spectate from the sidelines. Steve clearly was not impressed by his fangirl antics.

Dustin! You fucking dumbass! Why are you just standing there watching?!


I made a quick attempt at a recovery,

“Oh him? This is one of CGA senators. He helped come up the idea for the group picture.” I grabbed Dustin by the shoulders and introduced him properly. The severe look on Steve’s face did not fully disappear, “Okay I’ll be in the picture.” Then he dismissively returned to his table.

I returned to my seat after the little fiasco and Ike looked at me expectantly, “So? How did it go?”


“It went GREAT.” – Barry


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