You Don’t Need Me

You don’t need me,

A liberator remains prisoner in your false portrayal.

Neglected daily.

Change frequently promised, but never executed.

Fed not by growth,

Instead digesting stagnation.

A hero pacified.



Yearning for salvation.

Proclamations of love

Translate into declarations of hate.

Indeed, pure malice.


Internal suppression,

For fear of external expression.

Acts requiring courage

Forever banished.


You don’t need me.

Vindictive assaults upon discovery of this truth.

This is not some cute expression,

Nor metaphor or hyperbole.

Instead promise,

A dangerous actuality.


I will break you.

Burn you.

Scar you.

Setting the blood flow

To reveal who you are.


Every broken promise equals a broken bone.

All lies returned with crippling violence.

I’ll wait for the sound.

Your tears are like music to my ears,

Loudly booming over the intercom

While strapped to the carousel of regret.


Minuscule in comparison

To the pain of feeling free.

Just remember,

You don’t need me.


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