Adventures in Learning: Spanish 102

Only one more class left!

Finals start next week and then Graduation! Even though I planned to stay at Bloom for my Master’s Degree, I relished in the thought of not having to take another Gen Ed class again. I just needed to survive these remaining Spanish lectures.

Professor Guca-Moll quietly entered the room with a delicate ease. Her short stature and precise movements amplified her strange mannerisms. Her explanations about the Spanish language were riddled with enigmatic directions such as: “Open your mind’s eye and imagine the language” or “Replay the definition in your head like a black and white movie.”

Honestly, she would have done better teaching poetry.

Today Dr. Guca-Moll was exceptionally odd. After placing her large Swedish handbag on the desk, she peered into the room of bored college students.

Is that a look of concern or curiosity?

23 seconds passed by and starting speaking, “Buenas tardes class, before we I have a request. Can all the guys stay for a bit after class?”

Ah shit. Are we getting in trouble? Seriously? This is the second to last class.

A running list of potential offenses ran through my cranium. Nothing egregious showed up however, maybe we were exempt for the final? Doubtful.

Forty-two years of mind numbing lecture went by before the class finally ended. The ladies funneled out the door and the guys remained behind. Looking at my peers and seeing the shared look of uncertainty amongst the group revealed our collective confusion.

“Thank you all for staying behind. I just wanted to say I really liked have you guys as students. Most guys who take this class are weird fellows. You were my first group of normal boys. Thank you for being normal!”

Um? Thanks?


Clearly, she doesn’t know me very well

Chuckles of relief left the pact of male students. “Yeah no problem!” and “Thank you, have a good semester” sprouted out repeatedly before the group exited.

Am I the only one who wants to know what this woman has seen? I mean, it’s not every day you get congratulated for being normal.

Guess I’ll never know – Barry


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