Random Encounters – The Initiation

Interacting with random Bloomsburg Townees is always an interesting experience. These moments typically occur in a few seconds, but they are definitely worth sharing.

Dedication. Hard work.

Dedication. Hard work.

It’s tradition to psych myself up with affirmations before my daily morning run. The affirmation serves as my personal rally cry before going to war with my body. The headphones on my ears marched the Skyrim theme song directly into mind. I stepped out of my apartment door like a champion headed toward the arena.

Alright. Let’s do this.

Ten feet in front of me a short guy with lengthy blonde hair walked his drooling Bulldog. To avoid exciting his dog, I held off running right away. My gaze naturally shifted to the dog owner.

Shit. Why am I making eye contact?

Still completely silent, I stayed the course as the gap between us began to close. The dog owner returned my eye contact fully.

I don’t like this! Why hasn’t he looked away yet?

We came within two feet of each other and then…… he just stopped. So, I stopped too.

Shit. Please don’t try to kick my ass. Promise I don’t have any money on me.

The young man observed my shoulder tattoos then held out his fist.

Does he want a fist bump? Um okay?

I returned a light fist bump and quick a head nod in a sign of approval. Maybe it was my tattoos or the fact that I locked eyes with him, but he clearly felt compelled to validate my presence. I don’t know what the fist bump meant .

Did I just make a contract of some sort? Or complete some secret initiation ritual? OMG AM I IN THE ILLUMINATI NOW?


Wait… was that ritual supposed to be a secret? – Barry


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