It is My Belief

It is my belief that respect should always override political ideology. Staring at the political spectrum is blinding. What does it mean to be a Democrat, Republican, Independent, etc.? Our concurrent caricatures of these labels are not our own. We have simply inherited someone else’s assessment without question. Taking a step backward reveals that the divide appears smaller from a distance.

It is my belief that discourse and disagreement are necessary for mutual understanding. Acknowledging a conflicting viewpoint will not discredit your own. Dogmatic ideals only narrow the path to an effective solution. Learning to raise an ear instead of raising a voice is one of the most powerful things a person can do.

It is my belief that fairness applies universally. Ignoring a tiny spill of injustice for one opens the floodgates of tyranny to all. Kindness should be our mantra, while contempt is kept at bay. We escape the pains of the past so that we may live better today.


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