Adventures in Learning: Mobile Apps

My eyes barely stayed open as I meticulously typed in my username and password. Gravity pulled firmly on my weak eyelids. Sleep courted me with sweet seduction, but I needed to stay awake for this last Final Exam.

Please let this be easy.

Professor Brethren usually gave straightforward instructions for us to program into apps. Previous assignments included coding a sales tax app, a currency exchange app, and a basic Tinder app.

This Final shouldn’t be hard! Right?

Seeking another opinion, I swiveled my desk chair to the left, “Hey Penny, do you think this Final will be hard?”

Penny smirked confidently, “Nah. Dr. Brethren is pretty cool, plus he is moving to California after this semester. I think it will be pretty easy.”

“Okay! Thanks!” Her response wrapped me in a thick quilt of relief.

Did you hear that? Penny says it will be easy!

More students filed into the computer lab and I began to overhear similar mumblings about easy they expected the Final Exam to be.


Easy peasy

Oh okay. If everyone says it will be easy, then I have nothing to worry about!

The clock struck 8:05AM and Dr. Brethren frantically rushed in per usual, “Aloha! Sorry I’m late guys! Just needed to make some last-minute adjustments to the Final!”

The project screen glided down from the ceiling to reveal the requirements for the final exam. When Dr. Brethren opened the “Final_Exam.Spring” file a lengthy Microsoft Word file cluttered with directions engulfed the white board.

Everyone had the same wide eyed look plastered on their face: That DOES NOT look easy.

“Okay guys this is a pretty straightforward Final Exam, but I threw in something new to challenge you guys! I’m sure you can figure it out!”


Um WHAT? Noooooooooooo

I plunged right in to Android Studio, coding like a mad man. This Herculean task required me to muster all my depleted mental energy. I foraged the deepest recesses of my mind to uncover lost information. I exiled grogginess and anxiety to the sidelines without hesitation. Bards will sing of this epic clash between man and machine for generations to come. My grade and, most importantly, my graduation were on the line.

“Okay guys! Since we have about fifteen minutes left and nobody has completed the Final Exam, I will give you an 85 if you don’t finish since this class is mostly Seniors.”


I didn’t even realize how much time flew by, but sure enough the clock read 9:45 AM. Thank God Dr. B took pity on us. No one prepared well enough to pass otherwise.

ALWAYS study for Final Exams kids – Barry


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