Blogger Recognition Award

Today I was nominated by kedawithani, blogger at From My Vantage Point  for the Blogger Recognition Award!

Someone nominated you? Ha!

I’m extremely grateful for this nomination. I think Keda bring a great perspective to her writing so you should definitely check her out! My best piece of advice for other bloggers is to commit to writing consistently. I write on days even when I absolutely hate the thought of touching my keyboard.

This blog originated as Life Blog, which documented my personal development journey. Manifest Joy is a place where I can spread a smile with my short stories and poetry.

Here are my nominations:

  1. XP Nuggets
  2. Sauce Box
  3. Chaotic Shapes
  4. Non-Euclidean Sofa
  5. Tsetsewaa
  6. Silly Old Sod

The Rules:

  1. Create a blog post
  2. Give a short description of the blog that nominated you and add their blog link
  3. Write your best piece of advice for other bloggers
  4. Discuss what made you start your blog
  5. Nominate 15 other blogs that you think people should check out

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