Facebook’s Secret Weapon


By Barry of NotReal News

Silicon Valley buzzes with speculation this week as Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg announces a new social media platform: Rantbox. In an interview with tech reporters Zuckerberg said this:

“Well, we were looking at the core demographic of Facebook and how people use this amazing social network. While most people use Facebook to connect we stumbled upon an interesting niche: Facebook Ranters.”


Zuckerberg says observing the growing numbers of Facebook Ranters is what inspired his development team to pursue the Rantbox project.

“There’s this growing need for people to mindlessly spew their opinions online. Our studies surrounding this phenomenon revealed three key findings. First off, we discovered rants on Facebook suck. No one wants to read them and they accomplish nothing. Next, we found that there is a diverse range of Facebook ranters. Categories range from “Expert” Political Scientists, Job Complainers, Not-funny Jokesters, Trolls, Keyboard Warriors, and Computer Screen Activists. Rantbox provides us a great opportunity to move these individuals off of Facebook.”

Rantbox certainly has big ambitions to revolutionize online interactions. Many people remain skeptical of the idea for the new platform. I asked how Zuckerberg handled criticisms around the idea.

“Yeah a lot of people are uncertain about it [Rantbox] right now. Ironically, news about Rantbox spurred several thousand Facebook rants about Rantbox. I see that as confirmation that we need this now more ever.”

Rantbox is set to release in 2117 – Barry


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