Let’s be real

Alright let’s be real for a sec.

Everyone knows a person that believes we are their best friend. From our perspective, this is an audacious claim. We barely know you and may not like you. A decent person doesn’t say this out loud though. Instead we resort to playing social tango. Our interactions with them feel painfully insincere. We entertain their invitations and tolerate their presence.

Here are my questions:

How do you approach a situation like this in a compassionate way? Is it wrong to misled someone about your feelings toward the relationship? Should we give this person a chance if our dislike comes from superficial reasons?

Any advice is greatly appreciated – Barry


4 thoughts on “Let’s be real

  1. Some people just get too clingy and you should know that you are not supposed to please everyone. If your dislike comes from superficial reasons, then yes you should give them a chance but more often than not your instincts will be right about the person. This is true in my case at least. Being too clingy is a major turn off for me, be it a relationship or a normal friendship.

    • That is a good point. I trust my instincts too when it comes to relationships. My main issue is finding a way to dissolve the relationship in a respectful way. I guess that done with a simple conversation

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