Adventures in Learning: First day of Grad School

Last week marked my first day as a Grad student! The weeks leading up to then were extremely boring. I was itching to get started. My excitement eagerly pushed me to leave an hour early for class.

Okay. It’s five and class starts at six. Better get there early to survey the landscape and pick a good spot.

The entire walk uphill to Sutliff I devised and revised my master seating plan. I arrived at 5:11pm to a room filled with computers. Two girls chatted while I got myself settled down in a desk chair.


Is someone talking to me?

The voice came from one of the talking girls. I put on a friendly face, “Hello”

“You’re the first one here!”

Um no. You were here first silly.


I don’t think that’s the reaction she was looking for. Okay time to look away and pretend to be busy.

I rummaged through my satchel looking for something “really important” then cruised the web on my Galaxy S7. The time now read 5:35pm. What do I do for the next half hour? Reading books on the Kindle app is a productive way to kill time.

Stop reading for a sec, what time is it?

5:56pm and I remained the lone occupant of the room.

Where is everybody? Don’t they know class starts at six? Dumbasses.

I began looking out the door to see if anyone was on route to the classroom. No one still.

Is class cancelled? That wouldn’t make sense though, today is the first day. Hmmmm.

Uncertain, I texted my friend Cecilia for guidance:

Me: In class, but no one showed up yet.

Cecilia: What time does class start?

Me: 6. Checked my email and it’s not cancelled. It’s 6:15, where is everyone?

Then something immediately hit me!

Hey jackass, are you even in the right room?!

Aw damn you’re probably right! The number on this room indicated “216.” The classroom number on the schedule is “214.” I walked into the right classroom twenty minutes late trying to hide my look of shame. Everyone stared at me until I arrived at a seat.


What a great start – Barry


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