Adventures in Learning: Business 101

*beep* *beep*

“Uggggggh shut up”


“Fine! I’ll wake up!”

A crawled out of bed to swipe shut off my phone alarm. Only fifteen minutes till Intro to Business class starts. I hated that class. Sorry let me rephrase that: I HATED that class. Yes, I was still a business major back then. I loved the content in the course. My professor? Not all that much.

I’m soo tired. Maybe I should skip? Just this once.

No. The professor already dislikes you. Don’t give her more reasons.

*Eye roll* Fine. I’ll be a good student, so annoying.

I waited for my roommate Austin and together we trekked uphill from Elwell to Sutliff hall. I set my things down at my desk and Austin plopped down in the sit behind me. Exhaustion continued to pull on my sleep strings.

You can do this! It’s only 50 minutes.

I clung to this thought and whispered, “I got this. Only 50 minutes.”

Austin somehow overheard, “You said something?”

“Hm, me? Nope.”

It’s only 50 minutes. It’s only 50 minutes.

Professor Star stood front in center to address the class:

“Welcome back students. Today I want you to show two short videos related to the topics of Marketing and Branding that we have been discussing in previous class. After each video discuss what you found important or interesting in groups of three”

Videos? Oh no.

For those aware classroom videos are my kryptonite. The minute the room lights go out and that YouTube player starts going my body automatically runs all sleep protocols. To this day, I have been unsuccessful in every attempt overriding this setting.

Don’t panic just stay awake. We can do this, just focus.

I got this! Professor Star started playing the Pepsi marketing video on YouTube and moved toward the room lights. With one crisp “click” darkness flooded the room. The battle to stay awake now begins.

30 seconds into the video and I’m good. Fatigue begins initiating sleep override protocols. The first phase starts with heavy eyelids.

Come on! Ignore the sleepiness!

I wildly shake my head around and strain my eyes to focus on the video. For a moment Fatigue is stopped.

The video is only 10 minutes you can do it. Focus!

4 minutes and 45 seconds into the video Fatigue reappears. This time his upped his arsenal and launches an all out assault. My head began drooping down periodically. Blurriness invaded my peripheral vision. Sleep sings to me louder and louder.

<Initiating Bio Protocol: Sleep Override>

<Running Phases 1-3.>

<Facing resistance. Deploying countermeasures.>

<Target successfully subdued.>

<Mission accomplished.>

I awoke to Professor Star hovering over my desk with a displeased look on her face. That can’t be good.

Shit. I fell asleep, didn’t I?

“I’m sorry, but I’m going to have to ask you to leave my class. This is not the first time I’ve caught you falling asleep. This counts as an absence too by the way.”

Are you fucking serious? I didn’t want to come to class anyway!

I angrily slung my backpack over my shoulder and fled back to Elwell.

Definitely should have skipped – Barry


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