A Barry Fly Scene

After fighting with procrastination, I finally arrive to a decision. I will start writing now. My computer is fired up and a blank page of Microsoft Word is open. Nothing can stop me now.

So, what do we want to write about today? Hmmm…

While brainstorming ideas my eye catches a teeny little fly dancing in the air around me. The impulse to get up and kill the critter is suppressed immediately.

Just ignore him, we still don’t have an idea for today.

Ideas start juggling around in my brain. Everything from laser beans to potential random encounters stories. The flight path of the fly seemingly gets closer and closer. The fly displays an impressive range of aerial acrobatics: corkscrew, figure 8, loop-de-loop. He’s clearly well trained. Not a single character typed on my screen yet.

I snagged an idea from the brain pond and ran with it. My fingers moved rhythmically as I created this blog post.

Now we’re getting somewhere!

With my concentration at a peak state nothing could distract me.

Alright yeah that sounds funny right? Okay and add a pun.

Another paragraph in. All pistons firing forward! Suddenly the unmistakable sound of insect wings drilling though air swooshes past my left ear. This goddamn fly is asking for death!

Barry, ignore the fly! We’re so close!

The fly would not be ignored. If you examined the fly’s background you would understand his persistence. This fly grew up the youngest of dozens of siblings and his parents never acknowledged him. No one at work ever this fly the credit he deserved. At his Fly School reunion, none of his classmates remembered his name. After a lifetime of being ignored this fly refused to tolerate it any longer! For reasons unknown he choose to bother me. His pent up rage culminated into an assault on my face.

Enough is enough!

I shoved my chair back and began madly swatting at this fly. His advanced aerial maneuvering and tiny size made it difficult to land a hit. Twenty minutes of struggling went by before I finally conceited to the fly. Before leaving the kitchen I shut the laptop lid closed. All motivation to complete that story left with me.

I really hate flies – Barry


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