Random Encounters – Priorities

Interacting with random Bloomsburg Townees is always an interesting experience. These moments typically occur in a few seconds, but they are definitely worth sharing.

Close your eyes for a moment.


If you listen closely you can hear the air currents swooshing with the flow of traffic. A low of active machinery rests in the background. Pistons firing, while engines madly churn with raw horse power. Your heart jumps at the piercing screech of a sudden stop, at the obnoxious honking of a horn, and the whining scream of a modified muffler. Without looking you can picture the black sedans, red SUVs, and gray mini-vans endlessly streaming through the road.

My apartment overlooks a busy four-way intersection. The scene above describes my current reality. Watching traffic drive by can be incredibly mesmerizing. This day I left my window open to let in the autumn breeze. Down below two women attempting to cross.

Jodi: “Should we go now?”

Vanessa: “No, not yet.”

Few seconds pass.

Jodi: “Okay, what about now?”

Vanessa seemed unsure, but the light changed and she made a break for it. “Yeah now!”

From my bedroom window I could see an old 2003 Honda Civic speeding to make a right at the very same moment Vanessa decided to step into the street.

Oh my God! She’s going to get hit!

My heart bump at a million beats per minute as I watched the scene below play out in super slow motion. Vanessa heard the Civic coming and jumped backward onto the safety of the sidewalk. She just barely avoided getting sideswiped by a speeding car.

Thank goodness!

Jodi’s panic mirrored my own, “Vanessa! Oh my god are you okay?!”

Vanessa: “Yeah I’m fine.”

Jodi: “If you want to get hit by a car you could at least choose a nicer one!”

……….Uhhhhh THAT’s what your upset about?! Not that your friend almost died, but that she almost got hit by a shitty looking car? What difference does it make if it’s a Honda or a BMW?

We have priorities I guess – Barry


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