A Not-so-big Revelation

Cluelessly wandering the aisles of Weis supermarket is a cherished pastime of mine. I never leave that store without discovering something new.

Balsamic ketchup? Ooooooo that sounds interesting! Maybe I have a coupon for it. What’s this? Chocolate scented soap? Hmmmm…..

Yes, my hobbies resemble that of a retired elderly woman, but no one asked for your judgement. This is my story. OK?

Ummm take it easy man.

Without any clear direction or purpose, I drifted along some more. I ended up among rows of fresh colorful produce. Walking very slowly, I pretended to seriously consider purchasing something healthy. Oh, wait- that requires money. Nevermind!

My eyes casual glazed over the price stickers until one snagged my interest:



HUH? Weis sells computers now? And for that cheap? This deal sounds too good to be true.

Directly beneath the sign lay a bunch of greenish-red apples.

Ohhhh a Macintosh is a type of apple.

Of course, Weis doesn’t sell computers. Yet another question remained:

Why are those laptops called a Macintosh?

Mental gears slowly churned to solve this conundrum. The chance at an epiphany felt imminent. Finally, it happened! The light bulb turned on at full brightness! Everything became crystal clear

“Apple makes a computer named the Macintosh……….because a Macintosh is a type of apple! Wow!”

Clearly, I’m a genius – Barry


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